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Our in-house laboratory examines each and every material with the utmost care.

This is how we ensure quality of incoming goods,and it provides us with the ability to conduct additional individual tests. This in turn enables you to concentrate on your core competencies and benefit from application support by our engineers and technicians. Our service includes, amongst other things, comparative testing of third-party materials as well as material recommendations according to test specifications.   

Scope of Services

  • Testing under real conditions
  • Tests conducted according to standard
  • Examination of customer products
  • Approval testing for initial sample according to customer specification
  • Full continuous testing
  • Testing of combination products

Conveyor belts.

On Trial

Oils, grease, animal feed: Three examples where many a conveyor belt reaches its limits. Due to many years of experience in test technology and practical use of conveyor belts we provide particular support for all existing and new applications.



Range of Available Options:

  • Customer specific swelling tests
  • Tear-out testing of eyelets or rivets
  • Resistance testing
  • Determination of separation values
  • Comparative measuring
  • Belt connection testing


Under the Magnifying Glass

Vibration dampening, sound absorption, media resistant seals or as rubber-metal compounds, there are many ways elastomers may be used. For this reason, testing of such material to be used in your production is, in regard to range of possible application, a key task of our in-house laboratory.


Range of Available Options:

  • Tensile tests
  • Determination of elongation values
  • Tensile strength test
  • Analysis of density
  • Analysis of abrasion
  • Shore hardness check


Put through its Paces

Materials and consumer goods made of plastics form an integral part of the industry and everyday life. Our laboratory is equipped with the necessary tools and Know-How to provide the safety you need for your specific environment.



Range of Available Options:

  • Temperature tests
  • Crack knacker tests
  • Polariscope for visualization of tension
  • Elastic modulus (E-modulus)
  • Continuous bending test
  • Measuring of thickness

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