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Technical Textiles

Shatter-Protection Curtains

Shatter-protection material suits processing machines such as woodworking machines or milling machines for one-sided processing with rotating tools extremely well. It provides increased industrial safety by preventing unchecked release of splinters from the machine room.

The consistent quality of our shatter-protection curtain provides a high level of occupational safety and security. What's more? Installation is quick and simple!


  • Laboratory testing
  • High safety against splinters of any kind
  • Easy installation

Strip Curtains

The affordable and effective way to close openings? noltewerk strip curtains! These are particularly suitable as protection against draughts, as sound insulation, as a heat and cold insulation measure, and privacy screen. This product features a multitude of properties and can be used in a wide range of applications. Our strip curtains are mainly used in consumer markets, the food industry, cold stores and refrigerated vehicles, commercial, agricultural and industrial operations as well as in public facilities and clean room areas.

Strip thickness, strip width as well as the overlap of the strips and the hanging system of noltewerk strip curtains may be freely selected. They are supplied pre-assembled for easy self-assembly .


  • Made-to-order
  • Easy self-assembly
  • Versatile application in the food industry

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